Orange Crush - Autumn Reflections

As one of the first artists to release here at Archaic Horizon, we are very pleased to welcome the return of Orange Crush. In this follow up he brings us another gem composed of 15 solid tracks of nostalgic downtempo.

Orange Crush is the moniker of musician Karl Endreson from Norway and under which he brings us his latest album, "Autumn Reflections". For fans of his previous works, this album won't disappoint: the same beautiful nostalgic melodies, wavering synths, and slow lo-fi beats are present and even further developed.

Revolving songs around various themes of nature, Orange Crush captures and freezes ephemeral moments, places where a listener's mind can wander through his hazy reverb-drenched sonics. All of it is perfectly polished and mixed with samples and field recordings that give this album a brilliant atmosphere.


March 20, 2009
rich, warm, lo-fi, textured, thick, sunny, hazy