Trills - Citrus Drop

Wake up early this morning with a slightly tangy punch whipped up by Trills. "Citrus Drop" is the whimsical creation of Jonathan Jindra full of catchy melodies that jump past our synaptic gaps.

With slightly glitching beats and energetic analog synths, Trills has created a lively style whose vibrancy is perfect for the early waking hours of the day.

As Jonathan Jindra's first release, Citrus Drop stands out with its musical compositions that vividly color outside the lines and consistently shift hues to realize his animated sonic vision.

"Thanksgiving Eve" starts the album off strong with its bouncy intro of rich caffeinated melodies incised across peppy beats. "Blurry Nautilus" is a sonic theme park filled with irregular moving sounds battling to be first in line. Midway through is the mellow themed "Dawn Calling" with swells of white noise washed over glitchy drones and ratcheting electronic clicks.

This well balanced blend of strikingly dynamic tracks contrasted with the more mellow ambient songs like "Footprints in the Sand" and "Pathways" gives Citrus Drop a well varied listen.


July 7, 2007
playful, melodic, youthful, sunny, upbeat, vibrant