Domingo Blanco - [há metafísica bastante na realidade]

[há metafísica bastante na realidade] is the work of Bianca Zampier from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and is a collection of short, largely guitar-based, drones. Whilst the modern guitar sounds are unmistakable at times, Bianca nonetheless creates dense, melancholic soundscapes using distortion and reverb that have a desolate, old-world feel to them.

The deep reverb sweeps through the scene, obscuring our view of a grandiose past, a once vital landscape, now ruinous and decayed…

More familiar sounds pepper the thick soup of drones and anchor us—more or less—in the present…

The now ghostly images of the past swirl, mingle, merge in a morass of dying reverb…

“Wasabi”, whilst offering some respite from the confusion, leaves us alone to face our thoughts, those underlying tones, themes, in a dark, lonely space. Delayed, finger-picked guitar strings ping-pong and decay into unfathomable black depths.

“Paquetá”, the final entry, hints at some resolution to the troubles of past; the somewhat brighter tones of a glockenspiel tread cautiously, delicately, towards the future, beyond the recent darkness.

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February 21, 2015
guitar, drone, dense, melancholic, distortion, reverb, desolate, old-world