Galaktlan - Second Memory

Second Memory by accomplished artist Galaktlan is warm and mellow, and classic Archaic Horizon in every way. Its polished retro sound has been expertly crafted using a variety of analog and digital instruments, and offers a pleasing listening experience time and time again.

Galaktlan’s retro-futuristic rocket ship, Second Memory, takes us on a journey through inner space, providing glimpses of long-past and well-loved times. The warmth of feelings is brilliantly kindled by other-worldly old-school analog vibes and subtle sci-fi sound effects, and then, in more exquisitely nostalgic pieces, set ablaze with the Earthly notes of electric guitar patterns.

Look a little closer and you’ll be surprised to discover an apparently nature-inspired balance in the release’s composition. The album opens with “Gamdron”, a heavenly, sonic sunrise evoked by echoing guitar arpeggios and the bitter-sweet warblings of a theremin. In “Drongam”, the album’s wistful conclusion, the chimes of a mechanical organ paint a wondrous star-studded night sky above the gentle landscape laid down by squelchy synth tones. The moods cultivated by intervening tracks appear to flow along a symmetrical path between these two complementary bookends. Ultimately, one can imagine the tracks as rendering the taijitu, the yang of “Gamdron” marrying with the yin of “Drongam”. Whether deliberately symbolic or not, Second Memory’s composition is thoughtful and intriguing.

Second Memory strikes a perfect balance between intellect and emotion. Its characterful, and varied, sonic tapestry, and its accessibility, will ensure it is enjoyed many times over. We’re very proud to present it as Galaktlan’s debut on Archaic Horizon.

— Dan


March 3, 2013
warm, mellow, retro, vintage, analog, sci-fi, balanced