Of A Star - Finding Gaia

Shying away from the cold, automated complexities of everyday life, Of a Star's album "Finding Gaia" calls us to a simpler state of mind, and reinforces a long-lost spiritual connection with the earth.

"Finding Gaia" plays off some of our purest emotions and allows us to step back to see the larger picture of where we stand as human beings on this earth.

John Glaunert, the man behind the moniker, recorded nearly the entire album organically, including percussion, vocals, guitar, synth, keys, field recordings, as well as other odds and ends. Even more, the percussion of "Everything is Natural" is wholly composed from sticks, logs, and stones, which adds to the song's earthy quality.

Each song seems to invoke its own mythic milieu such as in "Strange Visit to Day Factory", where field recordings and echoing noise seemingly stem from an ancient industry in the midst of production.

While maintaining a cohesive and well-produced album, "Finding Gaia" moves throughout the spectrum of music from more traditionally structured songs, to saturated ambient drones, to dissonant hypnotic noise. This diversity in sonic form only helps to convey the ultimate diversity represented in nature itself.


June 5, 2010
melodic, mellow, warm, thematic